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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Woven Labels.

Time:2022-06-09 Views:1435
         We love that our blank garments are the highest quality canvas for you to use for your brand. But if you’re looking to take customization to a higher level, woven labels are for you! They are simple tags, made completely out of thread, that can be customized for your brand.

1. Versatility of Woven Labels
Once you decide what you want your brand mark to be – that will always be consistent. But a unique way thing about woven labels is that they can be sewn into different types of garments – hats, hoodies, tees, etc. Also, within each garment there are several options of where to place the label. You can also use the woven label on a lower hemline, a sleeve, off the pocket, on the back of the neck – pretty much wherever you want!

2. Simplifying your Artwork
Another great reason to use woven labels is that they can be your main source of branding. That means your artwork can speak for itself without having to specifically tied to your brand. You can have your apparel be branded with the label and then your artwork can fulfill a separate mission or objective.

3. Upping the Quality
The labels are sewn directly into the garments, making them really high quality. They add some texture and feeling to the product, and it’s a really tasteful way to display your brand’s logo.

4. Ultimate Customization
As the manufacturer, we are aware that a lot of brands want to customize their own apparel with neck tags,which makes your label unique.

5. Branding Consistency
As mentioned before about versatility, woven labels also create consistency within your brand. If you are looking to have a variety of products, from hats to hoodies and tank tops, you can remain consistent using woven labels. You can also create a specific collection within your brand using a customized label on each product.

6. Trademark Protection
A lot of brands starting out are looking for trademark protection. And when you’re applying for a trademark, you’ll need to show your logo being used in commerce. Woven labels are also a great way to showcase your logo on apparel.
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