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Shenzhen Reuners label Prouduction Co.,Ltd

Reuners Label (Hong Kong ) Limited is a trademark, woven label, printed label, label, hanging tablets, leather labels, stickers, plastic bags, packing box and a series of clothing, shoes and accessories products, to provide professional design, production and sales of one-stop shopping for the customer production factory.



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The reason why the color of the image on the T-shirt transferred by the heat transfer label is very weak
The reason why the color of the image...

Transfer to the T-shirt on the image color is very weak, mainly because of the following aspects: (1) the quality of transfer ink, you can try another kind of ink; (2) the problem of ink-jet ...

How to do heat transfer mark?
How to do heat transfer mark?

Transfer refers to the middle of the picture on the carrier film corresponding to a pressure transfer printing method of substrate, and according to the pressure difference, the transfer can be ...

Clothing tag printing process experience
Clothing tag printing process experienc...

In the clothing industry, the printing of the tag will show obvious color difference when it is cut. As for the cost, generally more professional printing tags (related signage design and key e...

How could you ensure the quality excel...

Don't worry about the quality of our products. Our products are manufactured through strict production process, and there are special QC departments to check the quality of products, and ensu...


Shenzhen Reuners label Prouduction Co.,Ltd is an enterprise with legal personality approved by the State Administration for Industry and commerce. It is designated by the State Admini...


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